7468 Edmonds St, Burnaby,V3N 1B2. Tel : (604) 521-3472

This temple is located in the Greater Vancouver Area in the Municipality of Burnaby at
the above address. This was registered as a Public Society on February 02, 1999, in
the Province of British Columbia and has been accepted as a Charitable Organization
in Canada from January 1, 2000.

By the Grace of Divine Mother, Thurkadevi, and by the blessings of Satguru Sivaya
Subramuniyaswami and Thankamma Appakkutti, the society was able to purchase an
assembly hall (Present Address) within a short period of time and conduct Daily
Poojas together with the assistance of a resident priest.

Contributing Membership has grown to more than 250 families and individuals.
Devotees and well wishers including the participants on occasions and festivities easily
totals more than 1000.  Also to mention there is a volunteer representative in Seattle,
WA, USA, who co-ordinates with the main committee and the community in that area.

The Temple management, operation and maintenance are all done on Volunteer basis.
In short, other than the priest, no personal remuneration is paid to any member whether
in the committee or not.

Now the present committee invites you - one and all - to participate in Divine Mother's Service and in the progress of the Temple.

Continuation of this Spiritual path and Religious Rituals is a must in these technological times, not only for the present Generation but also for the future of the community at large.

The Committee promotes the use of the Prayer hall and the Adjoining Hall for various
religious and related functions to accommodate Weddings, Aathma Santhi Poojas,
initiating babies to solid food, education, ear piercing, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

A summary of the Financial Statement of the Society is posted at the temple notice

Temple Constitution & By-laws (Yaappu)